Accepted Papers

  1. Nikolaus Jeremic, Gero Mühl, Anselm Busse and Jan Richling.
    Dataset Management Aware Software Architecture for Storage Systems Based On SSDs
  2. Wang Guopeng, Hu Xiangdong, Zhu Ying and Zhang Yingnan.
    Self-Aligning Return Address Stack
  3. Bo Mao, Hong Jiang, Suzhen Wu, Yinjin Fu and Lei Tian.
    SAR: SSD Assisted Restore Optimization for Deduplication-based Storage Systems
  4. Hong-Tao Shi and Ren-Shi Yu.
    A New Traffic Identification Approach Based on Multifractal Analysis (Retracted)
  5. Tao Wang, Longjiang Guo, Guilin Li, Jinbao Li, Renda Wang, Meirui Ren and Jing Selena He.
    Implementing the Jacobi Algorithm for Solving Eigenvalues of Symmetric Matrices with CUDA
  6. Heying Zhang, Kefei Wang, Yi Dai and Lu Liu.
    A Multi-VC Dynamically Shared Buffer with Prefetch for Network on Chip
  7. Yuxin Meng.
    Designing Click-Draw Based Graphical Password Scheme for Better Authentication
  8. Lingjun Pu, Jingdong Xu, Xing Jin, Ying Wu and Jianzhong Zhang.
    Measurements Study on the I/O Performance of Virtualized Cloud System
  9. Fenghao Zhang, Jianzhong Huang, Shiyi Li, Qiang Cao and Changsheng Xie.
    Two Efficient Partial-Updating Schemes for Erasure-Coded Storage Clusters
  10. Yin Yang, Zhihu Tan, Jiguang Wan and Changsheng Xie.
    A Reliability Optimization method Using Disk Reliability Degree and Data Heat Degree
  11. Shicong Li, Xiaochun Yun, Yongzheng Zhang, Jun Xiao and Yipeng Wang.
    A General Framework of Trojan Communication Detection Based on Network Traces
  12. Ruixing Li, Na Bai, Baitao Lv, Jiafeng Zhu and Xiulong Wu.
    Bitline Leakage Current Compensation Circuit for High-performance SRAM Design
  13. Jianxun Xia, Fei Wu, Changsheng Xie and Jianwei Tu.
    INBI: An Improved Network-Based Inference Recommendation Algorithm
  14. Rashid Hassani, Amirreza Fazely and Peter Luksch.
    Optimizing bandwidth by employing MPLS AToM with QoS support
  15. Pengfei Gou, Bing Yang, Mingyan Yu and Zhigang Mao.
    Novel O-GEHL Based Hyperblock Predictor for EDGE Architectures
  16. Liwei Chen, Ming Cong, Jing Huang, Ling Li, Hongwei Liu and Cheng Qian.
    A Novel HW/SW Partitioning with SIMD Instructions for AVS Video Decoder
  17. Yantao Li, Ge Peng, Xin Qi, Gang Zhou, Di Xiao, Shaojiang Deng and Hongyu Huang.
    Towards Energy Optimization Using Joint Data Rate Adaptation for BSN and WiFi Networks
  18. Sanchuan Guo, Zhenyu Liu, Dongsheng Wang, Haixia Wang and Guohong Li.
    Wear-Resistant Hybrid Cache Architecture with Phase Change Memory
  19. Tao Liu.
    MOLTS: Mobile Object Localization and Tracking System Based on Wireless Sensor Networks
  20. Anwen Huang, Jiang Jiang, Jun Gao, Wei Guo, Wenqiang Shi and Minxuan Zhang.
    PSA-NUCA: A Pressure Self-Adapting Dynamic Non-Uniform Cache Architecture
  21. Qiang Guan, Ziming Zhang and Song Fu.
    Efficient and Accurate Anomaly Identification Using Reduced Metric Space in Utility Clouds
  22. Nan Wang, Jizhong Han and Jinyun Fang.
    An Anomaly Detection Algorithm Based on Lossless Compression
  23. Nan Wang, Jizhong Han and Jinyun Fang.
    A Transparent Control-flow Based Approach to Record-Replay Non-deterministic Bugs
  24. Salman Zubair Toor, Rainer Toebbicke, Maitane Zotes Resines and Sverker Holmgren.
    Investigating an Open Source Cloud Storage Infrastructure for CERN-Specific Data Analysis
  25. Ping Huang, Ke Zhou, Chunhua Li and Hua Wang.
    An Empirical Study on the Interplay Between Filesystems and SSD
  26. Yuwei Xu, Ying Wu, Jingdong Xu, Dongying Ni, Gongyi Wu and Lin Sun.
    A Queue-length-based Detection Scheme for Urban Traffic Congestion by VANETs
  27. Jonathan Tjioe, Andres Blanco, Tao Xie and Yiming Ouyang.
    Making Garbage Collection Wear Conscious for Flash SSD
  28. Shuai Jiao.
    PartitionSim: A Parallel Simulator for Many-cores (Retracted)
  29. Wentao Shang, Congxiao Bao and Xing Li.
    IVI-based Locator/ID Separation Architecture for IPv4/IPv6 Transition
  30. Qiangju Xiao, Pengju Shang and Jun Wang.
    Co-located Compute and Binary File Storage in Data-intensive Computing
  31. Miaoqing Huang and Liang Men.
    Improving the Performance of On-Board Cache for Flash-based Solid-State Drives
  32. Keliang Zhang and Baifeng Wu.
    Parallel Sparse Matrix Multiplication for Preconditioning and SSTA on a Many-Core Architecture
  33. Jianzong Wang, Rui Hua, Yifeng Zhu, Changsheng Xie, Peng Wang and Weijiao Gong.
    C-IRR: An Adaptive Engine for Cloud Storage Provisioning Determined by Economic Models with Workload Burstiness Consideration
  34. David C. van Moolenbroek, Raja Appuswamy and Andrew S. Tanenbaum.
    Integrated System and Process Crash Recovery in the Loris Storage Stack
  35. Jian Hu, Hong Jiang, Lei Tian and Lei Xu.
    GC-ARM: Garbage Collection-Aware RAM Management for Flash based Solid State Drives
  36. Yanrong Zhao.
    A Hardware-based TCP Stream State Tracking and Reassembly Solution for 10G Backbone Traffic
  37. Yanrong Zhao.
    TDWS: a Job Scheduling Algorithm based on MapReduce
  38. Richard Knepper, William Johnson, Scott Michael, Robert Henschel and Matthew Link.
    Wide-area 100Gb Networking at the SCinet Research Sandbox
  39. Yi Qin, Dan Feng, Jingning Liu, Wei Tong, Yang Hu and Zhiming Zhu.
    A Parity Scheme to Enhance Reliability for SSDs
  40. Xiaoyan Gu, Xiufeng Yang, Weiping Wang, Yan Jin and Dan Meng.
    CHAC: An Effective Attribute Clustering Algorithm for Large-scale Data Processing
  41. Jianzong Wang, Weijiao Gong and Changsheng Xie.
    A Quantitative Evaluation Model for Choosing Efficient Redundancy Strategies over Clouds
  42. Buyun Qu, Zhibin Zhang, Li Guo and Dan Meng.
    On accuracy of early traffic classification
  43. Qingqing Feng, Jizhong Han, Yun Gao and Dan Meng.
    Magicube: High Reliability and Low Redundancy Storage Architecture for Cloud Computing
  44. Wen Xia, Hong Jiang, Dan Feng, Lei Tian, Min Fu and Zhongtao Wang.
    P-Dedupe: Exploiting Parallelism in Data Deduplication System
  45. Yong Wan, Dan Feng, Fang Wang, Liang Ming and Yulai Xie.
    An In-depth analysis of TCP and RDMA Performance on Modern Server Platform
  46. Ribel Fares, Brian Romoser, Xiao Qin, Mais Nijim and Ziliang Zong.
    Performance Evaluation of Traditional Caching Policies on A Large System with Petabytes of Data
  47. Dries Kimpe, Philip Carns, Kevin Harms, Justin Wozniak, Samuel Lang and Robert Ross.
    Aesop: Expressing Concurrency in High-Performance System Software

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