Student Travel Assistance Grants

A limited number of travel assistance grants will be available for NAS 2014 student authors. Priority will be given to students who would otherwise be unable to attend the conference to present their own work. The students who receive the grants can be offered three-day free accommodations closed to conference venue. Notification of the grants will be made in late July.

To qualify for a student travel assistance grant, a recipient must be:
  1. An author of an accepted paper and be registered for the conference
  2. A full-time student regularly registered toward a degree in computer science, engineering or related field at a university
To apply for a grant:
  1. Complete the information in this downloadable form
  2. Obtain your advisor's endorsement & signature on the form
  3. Prepare the completed application form along with your scanned Student ID card as a single pdf file. The file name should include your full name
To submit your application:
  1. When your pdf file is ready for submission, please send it to Dr. Dong ( with the subject " NAS 2014 Student Travel Assistance Grant"
  2. Application should be submitted by July 20th, 2014
  3. Early application will be more likely to receive the grant