Full Papers

  • Norihiro Ishikawa.
    Virtual IP Layer: An Architecture for Virtually Extending IP Connectivity
  • Zhu Tang, Wanrong Yu, Zhenqian Feng, Wei Han, Baokang Zhao and Chunqing Wu.
    Rollback Traffic Avoidance for Snapshot Routing Algorithm in Cyclic Mobile Networks
  • Yawar Bangash, Lingfang Zeng and Dan Feng.
    MimiBS: Mimicking Base-Station to Provide Location Privacy Protection in Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Feng Lu, Jiaojiao Song, Xiao Lei, Hai Jin, Zaiyang Tang, Xiaofei Liao and Fei Qu.
    A Multi-domain and multi-overlay framework of P2P IMS core network based on cloud infrastructure
  • Mohammed Hassan, Qi Wei and Songqing Chen.
    Elicit: Efficiently Identify Computation-intensive Tasks in Mobile Applications for Offloading
  • Fang Zhou, Hai Pham, Jianhui Yue, Hao Zou and Weikuan Yu.
    SFMapReduce: An Optimized MapReduce Framework for Small Files
  • Ali Shareef, Aliha Shareef and Yifeng Zhu.
    Optrix: Energy Aware Cross Layer Routing Using Convex Optimization in Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Yu Cao, Songqing Chen, Peng Hou and Donald Brown.
    FAST: A Fog Computing, Distributed Analytics-based Fall Monitoring System for Stroke Mitigation
  • Bo Wu and Haiying Shen.
    A Time-Efficient Connected Densest Subgraph Discovery Algorithm for Big Data
  • Steen Larsen, Ben Lee, Jin-Hyuk Yoon and Jae-Yeun Yun.
    Direct Device-to-Device Transfer Protocol: A New Look at the Benefits of a Decentralized I/O Model
  • Saikat Dutta, Moumita Das and¬†Ansuman Banerjee.
    Enhancing Branch Prediction using Software Evolution
  • Xuhong Zhang, Ruijun Wang, Jun Wang, Dezhi Han and Tyler Lukasiewicz.
    Achieving up to Zero Communication Delay in BSP-based Graph Processing via Vertex Categorization
  • Yanan Cao, Long Chen and Zhao Zhang.
    Flexible Memory: A Novel Main Memory Architecture with Block-level Memory Compression
  • Feng Ye, Jianxi Chen, Xuejiao Fang, Jieqiong Li and Dan Feng.
    A Regional Popularity-Aware Cache Replacement Algorithm to Improve the Performance and Lifetime of SSD-based Disk Cache
  • Yang Hu, Jiang Hong, Dan Feng, Hao Luo and Lei Tian.
    PASS: A Proactive and Adaptive SSD Buffer Scheme for Data-Intensive Workloads
  • Jian Zhou,Jun Wang, Fei Wu and Changsheng Xie.
    On the Cooling of Energy Efficient Storage
  • Yun Tian, Xiao Qin and Yafei Jia.
    Secure Replica Allocation in Cloud Storage Systems with Heterogeneous Vulnerabilities
  • Hsing-bung Chen, Gary Grider, Jeff inman, Parks Fields, Jell Alan Kuehn.
    An Empirical Study of Performance, Power Consumption, and Energy Cost of Erasure Code Computing for HPC Cloud Storage Systems
  • Chundong Wang, Qingsong Wei, Jun Yang, Cheng Chen and Mingdi Xue.
    How to Be Consistent with Persistent Memory? An Evaluation Approach
  • Rodel Miguel, Mediana Mediana and Khin Mi Mi Aung.
    HEDup: Secure Deduplication with Homomorphic Encryption
  • Xin Du, Weizheng Hu, Qiang Wang and Fang Wang.
    ProSy: A Similarity Based Inline Deduplication System For Primary Storage
  • Lucas Villa Real, Michael Richmond, Brian Biskeborn and David Pease.
    An I/O Scheduler for Dual-Partitioned Tapes
  • Nagapramod Mandagere,†Ramani Routray, Yang Song and David Du.
    Cloud object storage based Continuous Data Protection(cCDP)
  • Pradeep Subedi, Ping Huang, Benjamin Young and Xubin He.
    FINGER: A Novel Erasure Coding Scheme Using Fine Granularity Blocks to Improve Hadoop Write and Update Performance
  • Jiang Zhou, Yong Chen, Xiaoyan Gu, Weiping Wang and Dan Meng.
    A Virtual Shared Metadata Storage for HDFS
  • Dongyang Li, Qingbo Wang, Cyril Guyot, Ashwin Narasimha, Dejan Vucinic, Zvonimir Bandic†and†Qing Yang.
    Hardware Accelerator for Similarity Based Data Dedupe
  • Sai Huang, Dan Feng and Jianxi Chen.
    Caching on Dual-mode Flash Memory
  • Shishi Tan, Ruirong Yu, Shenggang Wan and Qiang Cao.
    Cost-effectively Improve Life Endurance of MLC NAND Flash SSDs via Hierarchical Data Redundancy and Heterogeneous Flash Memory

Short Papers

  • Xiaojin Zhu, Jingping Bi, Mingfu Li and Huanyu Liu.
    Adaptive Video Streaming Uploading with Moving Prediction in VANETs Scenarios
  • Oliver Schmitt, Tim Alexander Majchrzak and Sven Bingert.
    Experimental Realization of a Persistent Identifier Infrastructure Stack for Named Data Networking
  • Jiangyi Hu and†Mike Burmester.
    Establishing a PKI in an Open Adversarial Environment
  • Di Wu, Baibiao Ma, Wei Lu and He Liu.
    Novel Broadcast Mechanism for Safety and Multimedia in VANETs
  • Jianqun Cui, Liang Ma, Ailing Chen and Libing Wu.
    Adaptive Load Balancing Strategy of Application Layer Multicast Based on Score of Customer Satisfaction
  • Shuo Chen, Junwei Cao and Lipeng Zhu.
    Named Service Networking
  • Shujin Lin, Qiang Chen and Yanhua Wu.
    3D Model Retrieval Based on Skeleton
  • Farrukh Hijaz, Brian Kahne, Peter Wilson and†Omer Khan.
    Exploiting Parallelism for Efficient Packet Processing Using a Shared Memory Many-core Processor with Hardware Support to Accelerate Communication
  • Wenhui Zhang, Qiang Cao, Shiyi Li and Changsheng Xie.
    EOPC: A Parallel Coding Algorithm for XOR-Based RAID-6 Codes
  • Shuai Zhang, Tao Li, Qiankun Dong, Xuechen Liu and Yulu Yang.
    CPU-Assisted GPU Thread Pool Model for Dynamic Task Parallelism
  • Meng Zhang, Fei Wu, Changsheng Xie, You Zhou and Kai Zou.
    A Novel Optimization Algorithm for Chien Search of BCH Codes in NAND Flash Memory Devices
  • Antonio M. A. Ferreira, Andre Costa Drummond†and Aleteia P. F. de Araujo.
    Performance Evaluation of a Private Cloud Storage Infrastructure Service for Document Preservation
  • Junjie Qian, Stan Skelton, Joseph Moore and Hong Jiang.
    P3: Priority Based Proactive Prediction for Soon-to-fail Disks
  • Manas Minglani, Ashwin Nagarajan, Sneha Deshapande, Luke Everson and David J. Lilja.
    Design Space Exploration for Efficient Computing in Solid State Drives with the Storage Processing Unit
  • Yuehai Xu, Marc Patton, Michael Devon Moore and†Song Jiang.
    intelliQoS: Rethinking Storage QoS Implementation for System Efficiency
  • Xuejiao Fang, Jianxi Chen, Feng Ye, Dan Feng and Jieqiong Li.
    Introduction of Metadata-request Queue with Immediate Response for I/O Path Optimizations on iSCSI-based Storage Subsystem