Accepted Papers

  • Chao Chen, Michael Lang, Latchesar Ionkov and Yong Chen.
    Active Burst-Buffer: In-Transit Processing Integrated into Hierarchical Storage
  • Wei Xie, Yong Chen and Philip Roth.
    Parallel-DFTL: A Flash Translation Layer that Exploits Internal Parallelism in Solid State Drives
  • Dongdong Sun, Yinlong Xu, Yongkun Li, Si Wu and Chengjin Tian.
    Efficient Parity Update for Scaling RAID-like Storage Systems
  • Linjun Mei, Dan Feng, Lingfang Zeng, Jianxi Chen and Jingning Liu.
    A Stripe-Oriented Write Performance Optimization for RAID-Structured Storage Systems
  • Chu Li, Fang Wang, Yu Hua, Wen Xia and Dan Feng.
    GASA: A New Page Replacement Algorithm for NAND Flash Memory
  • Jianhui Yue and Yifeng Zhu.
    Reducing Read Latency in MLC Phase Change Memory
  • Alex Aizman and Caitlin Bestler.
    Scalable Object Storage with Resource Reservations and Dynamic Load Balancing
  • Assaf Natanzon, Philip Shilane, Mark Abashkin, Leehod Baruch and Eitan Bachmat.
    Hybrid Replication: Optimizing Network Bandwidth and Primary Storage Performance for Remote Replication
  • Jiang Zhou, Wei Xie, Jason Noble, Mark Reyes and Yong Chen.
    SUORA: A Scalable and Uniform Data Distribution Algorithm for Heterogeneous Storage Systems
  • Yawar Bangash, Lingfang Zeng, Shijun Deng and Dan Feng.
    Sink-Node Location Privacy in WSNs via SDN Approach
  • Fengfeng Pan.
    Workload Shifting: Contention-Insular Disk Arrays for Big Data Systems
  • Bingzhe Li, Manas Minglani and David Lilja.
    PS-Code: A New Code For Improved Degraded Mode Read and Write Performance of RAID systems
  • Dan Luo, Ting Yao, Xiaoyang Qu, Jiguang Wan and Changsheng Xie.
    DVS: Dynamic Variable-width Striping RAID for Shingled Write Disks
  • Nathan Tallent, Kevin Barker, Daniel Chavarría, Antonino Tumeo, Mahantesh Halappanavar, Andres Marquez, Darren Kerbyson and Adolfy Hoisie.
    Modeling the Impact of Silicon Photonics on Graph Analytics
  • Muneer Alshowkan and Khaled Elleithy.
    Quantum Entanglement Distribution for Secret Key Establishment in Metropolitan Optical Networks
  • Jie Liang, Yinlong Xu, Dongdong Sun and Si Wu.
    Improving Read Performance of SSDs via Balanced Redirected Read
  • Liqiong Liu, Xiaoyang Qu, Yubiao Zhang, Xiaodong Yi, Siwang Zeng, Jiguang Wan and Changsheng Xie.
    CircularCache: Scalable and Adaptive Cache Management for Massive Storage Systems
  • Michael Giardino, Kshitij Doshi and Bonnie Ferri.
    Soft2LM: Application Guided Heterogeneous Memory Management
  • Wenguo Liu, Lingfang Zeng and Dan Feng.
    Apas:an Application Aware Hybrid Storage System combining SSDs and SWDs
  • Ali Akbar Pammu, Kwen-Siong Chong and Bah-Hwee Gwee.
    Secured Low Power Overhead Compensator Look-Up-Table (LUT) Substitution Box (S-Box) Architecture
  • Wen Juan Wang, Tao Ying Liu, Di Xin Tang, Hong Liu, Wei Li and Rubao Lee.
    SparkArray: An Array-based Scientific Data Management System Built on Apache Spark
  • Fatih Berber, Ph. Wieder and Ramin Yahyapour.
    A High-Performance Persistent Identification Concept
  • Yangyang Liu, Mohammed Alghamdi, Wei-Shinn Ku and Xiao Qin.
    Profiling Energy Usage of Web-Service Applications on Clusters
  • Shitong Yuan and Qilian Liang.
    Cooperative Bandwidth Sharing for 5G Heterogeneous Network Using Game Theory
  • Haiying Zhu and David Kidston.
    The Impact of Link Adaptation on WiFi 802.11n
  • Yongqing Zhu, Quanqing Xu, Haixiang Shi and Juniarto Samsudin.
    DS-Index: A Distributed Search Solution for Federated Cloud
  • Hsing-Bung Chen and Song Fu.
    Enhancing Bandwidth and Energy Efficiency of Erasure Coding for Storage Systems – A Parallel and Scalable Approach
  • Manas Ranjan Lenka, Amulya Ratna Swain and Manmath Narayanan Sahoo.
    Distributed Slot Scheduling Algorithm for Hybrid CSMA/TDMA MAC in Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Jingwei Chen, Li Shen, Zhiying Wang, Ning Li and Yemao Xu.
    Dynamic Power-Performance Adjustment on Clustered Multi-Threading Processors
  • Joan Meseguer Llopis, Janusz Pieczerak and Tomasz Janaszka.
    Minimizing latency of critical traffic through SDN
  • Mutalifu Kuerban, Yun Tian, Qing Yang and Yafei Jia.
    FlowSec: DOS attack Mitigation Strategy on SDN Controller
  • Aleksei Marov and Andrey Fedorov.
    Optimization of RAID Erasure Coding Algorithms for Intel Xeon Phi
  • Bowen Tian, Yun Tian, Yijie Sun, Trevor Hurt, Waymon Ho, Yuting Zhang, Danqi Chen and Hwa Sung Lee.
    SecHDFS: A Secure Data Allocation Scheme for Heterogenous Hadoop Systems