Accepted Papers

  • DD-L1D: Improving the Decoupled L1D Efficiency for GPU architecture
    Weiguang Yang, Yuxin Wang, Yulong Yu, Guangyuan Kan and He Guo
  • Megalloc*: Fast Distributed Memory Allocator for NVM-based Cluster
    Songping Yu, Nong Xiao and Mingzhu Deng
  • Enhancing Next Generation Passive Optical Network Stage 2 (NG-PON2) with Channel Bonding
    Liang Zhang, Yuanqiu Luo, Nirwan Ansari, Bo Gao, Xiang Liu and Frank Effenberger
  • TraceRAR: An I/O Performance Evaluation Tool for Replaying, Analyzing, and Regenerating Traces
    Bingzhe Li, Farnaz Toussi, Clark Anderson, David Lilja and David Du
  • Contact Duration-Aware Routing in Delay Tolerant Networks
    Tuan Le and Mario Gerla
  • MTM: A Reliable Multiple Trees Multicast for Data Center Network
    Xin Xiong and Tan Chen
  • Towards Robust and Accurate Similar Trajectory Discovery: Weak-parametric Approaches
    Yupeng Tuo
  • A High-Performance Persistent Identifier Management Protocol
    Fatih Berber and Ramin Yahyapour
  • Performance Evaluation and Modeling of HPC I/O on Non-Volatile Memory
    Wei Liu, Kai Wu, Jialin Liu, Feng Chen and Dong Li
  • WPS: A Workload-aware Placement Scheme for Erasure-Coded In-Memory Stores
    Shuang Wang, Jianzhong Huang, Xiao Qin and Changsheng Xie
  • Reducing Chunk Fragmentation for In-line Delta Compressed and Deduplicated Backup Systems
    Yucheng Zhang, Dan Feng, Yu Hua, Yuchong Hu, Wen Xia, Min Fu, Xiaolan Tang, Zhikun Wang, Fangting Huang and Yukun Zhou
  • Analysis and Correlation of Application I/O Performance and System-Wide I/O Activity
    Sandeep Madireddy, Prasanna Balaprakash, Philip Carns, Robert Latham, Robert Ross, Shane Snyder and Stefan Wild
  • Data Block Partitioning for Recovering Stuck-at Faults in PCMs
    Marjan Asadinia, Majid Jalili and Hamid Sarbazi-Azad
  • Detecting Information Theft Based on Mobile Network Flows for Android Users
    Zhenyu Cheng, Xunxun Chen, Yongzheng Zhang, Shuhao Li and Yafei Sang
  • Service Migrations in the Cloud for Mobile Accesses: A Reinforcement Learning Approach
    Shan Cao, Chengzhong Xu and Yang Wang
  • Multicast Scheduling with Markov Chains in Fat-tree Data Center Networks
    Guozhi Li, Songtao Guo, Guiyan Liu and Yuanyuan Yang
  • ISM - An Intra-Stripe Data Migration Approach for RAID-5 Scaling
    Jie Liang, Yinlong Xu, Yongkun Li and Yubiao Pan
  • Extending Lifetime of SSD in RAID5 Systems through a Reliable Hierarchical Cache
    Rui Ye, Wentao Meng and Shenggang Wan
  • ALARM: A Location-Aware Redistribution Method to Improve 3D FG NAND Flash Reliability
    Yue Zhu, Fei Wu, Qin Xiong, Zhonghai Lu and Changsheng Xie
  • Kaleido: Enabling Efficient Scientific Data Processing on Big-Data Systems
    Saman Biookaghazadeh, Shujia Zhou and Ming Zhao
  • Optimizing Energy Consumption on HPC Systems with a Multi-level Checkpointing Mechanism
    Muhammad Alfian Amrizal and Hiroyuki Takizawa
  • A Write-Through Cache Method to Improve Small Write Performance of SSD-based RAID
    Linjun Mei, Dan Feng, Lingfang Zeng, Jianxi Chen and Jingning Liu
  • Facilitating Workload Aware Storage Platform by using Machine Learning Technics
    Wubin Li, Fereydoun Farrahi Moghaddam, Parisa Heidari, Yves Lemieux and Abdelouahed Gherbi
  • DualStack: A High Efficient Dynamic Page Scheduling Scheme in Hybrid Main Memory
    Zhen Zhang, Yinjin Fu and Guyu Hu
  • A Hash-based Space-efficient Page-level FTL for Large-capacity SSDs
    Fan Ni, Chunyi Liu, Yang Wang, Chengzhong Xu, Xiao Zhang and Song Jiang
  • A-MapCG: An Adaptive MapReduce Framework for GPUs
    Lifeng Liu, Yue Zhang, Meilin Liu, Wang Chongjun and Jun Wang
  • Performance Tuning for Big Data Applications in Docker Containers
    Kejiang Ye and Yunjie Ji
  • Revisiting Updating Schemes for Erasure-coded In-Memory Stores
    Jie Xia, Jianzhong Huang, Xiao Qin, Qiang Cao and Changsheng Xie
  • SpyStorage: A Highly Reliable Multi-Cloud Storage with Secure and Anonymous Data Sharing
    Pengyan Shen, Wan Liu, Zheng Wu, Mingzhong Xiao and Quanqing Xu
  • Exploiting Virtual Metadata Servers to Provide Multi-level Consistency for Key-value Object-based Data Store
    Xiaozhao Zhuang, Xiaoyang Qu, Zhiyong Lu, Jiguang Wan and Changsheng Xie
  • An Experimental Study on Deep Learning Based on Different Hardware Configurations
    Chen Zhang and Qiang Cao
  • Automatic Collector for Dynamic Cloud Performance Information
    Olaf Elzinga, Spiros Koulouzis, Arie Taal and Zhiming Zhao
  • Binary Index and Journal Embedding in The Linear Tape File System
    Klaus Birkelund Jensen and Brian Vinter
  • Balancing the Storage in a Deduplication Cluster
    Giacomo Grangia, Quanqing Xu, Andrea Bianco and Paolo Giaccone